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Western Movie Classics

Cowboys, cattle drives, gun fights, and outlaws. If you’ve ever found yourself watching a Western film, then you probably know these are just some of the typical elements found in the nostalgic tribute to the early days of conquering the untamed American frontier. From its classic days to the present, Westerns are a timeless genre… Read more »

Difference Between Award Shows

The glitz, the glamour, the gowns. It seems like every time you turn on your television celebrities are walking yet another red carpet for yet another award show. With so many happening each year, it’s hard to know the difference between them all. To help you out, we’ve put together some clarification on how to… Read more »

Last Minute Gift Ideas

The holiday season is here! Now the time is upon us to find the perfect gift for all those special people in our lives. But we know how hard it is to pick out presents for everyone. Everyone has different tastes, styles, and needs. Plus, some of us are reluctant to create a manageable wish… Read more »

Road Trip Packing List

You’ve got your road trip planned out and now it’s time to get packin’! I don’t know about you, but forgetting something you need sets a negative tone for the whole trip. It’s make it or break it, people! Here’s a helpful list to get you started off on the right foot: We hope this… Read more »

Bucket List Destinations

Forget about work for a week or two and give in to your wanderlust! It’s time to start knocking some of these amazing destinations off your bucket list! Enjoying life is what it is all about and now is the time. We’ve come up with a few destinations that we think you need to see…. Read more »

Our Favorite Movies

Fall is here and that means it’s time to come in out of the brisk weather, snuggle up on the couch with a warm blanket, and toss on a good movie. Everyone has that go-to movie that they grew up watching over and over again, wearing out the VHS (or DVD depending on the movie)…. Read more »

Things To Do When It’s Too Hot Outside

Alright, you suffered through the blistering cold winter and the rainy spring that followed, so now we are in the most anticipated season: SUMMER! For most, now’s the time to get outside, breathe that fresh air, and enjoy the warmth. But for some, the summer means one month of reasonable weather followed by 2 months… Read more »

Summer Picnic Ideas

Picture this: the sun shining, the mountain air filling your nostrils, the sound of birds chirping and leaves rustling buzzing around you, and out of nowhere (to ruin your perfect outdoor moment), your stomach growls. Now food is all you can think about. But you thought ahead and brought the ingredients to have the perfect… Read more »

History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is here! That’s right, the unofficial start of summer is upon us. Backyard grilling, country concert tailgates, and lazy days by the pool are all within sight. And while all of that sounds amazing, some often forget the reason why we get the last Monday in May off from work. This day is… Read more »

Supporting Veteran Companies

At Cheyenne Cigarettes, we’re American-made and proud of that fact. As honored Americans making products in North Carolina, we have a strong calling to support our military members, both past and present. What we find most fulfilling is supporting companies and organizations owned by veterans. While our country often sees a rise in “charitable giving”… Read more »