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Top Camping Spots Across the USA

Going for an outdoor adventure is much more than pitching a tent and lighting a campfire. It’s about immersing yourself in nature and finding the perfect spot. Here are the top camping spots across the USA that will ignite your sense of adventure. Brewster County, Texas If you’re looking for a place to go rafting,… Read more »

Top Words and Phrases That Are Used The Wrong Way

Words, huh? They can be pretty funny, especially when you stick them into a sentence. We put all these words together and somehow ended up with a whole bunch of sentences. But let’s be real, do we always know what we’re blabbering about? Do we really understand the meaning behind every single word? Well, let’s… Read more »

Ways to Spruce Up Your Smoking Spot

If you somehow can’t find us, check our smoking spot. Some choose their car, patio, front steps, their living room – honestly, the choices are endless. But where you take your smoke break isn’t just a place to indulge in your favorite tobacco. It should be your personal haven, a place you can escape for… Read more »

History of Bourbon in the USA

America is known for many great things, and when it comes to our liquor…you can say we’re experts. Grab your favorite bottle and let’s set the mood for a tipsy time-travel adventure through the history of Bourbon in the USA. We got all the tea (or should we say bourbon?) on how this liquid gold… Read more »

Best Acoustic Songs of All Time

There’s just something about the sweet tunes of an acoustic guitar that takes us back to the good ol’ days. Check out our list of acoustic songs to take you back in time. Speaking of going back in time, here’s a list of iconic bands we wish we could go back and see.

Beer That Tastes Better on Tap

This may ruffle some feathers, but let’s be honest, beer just tastes better on tap. Before you get rowdy on us, we love the convenience of sipping our beers through a bottle while our favorite team plays, but there is something about the taste of our favorite brew on tap that makes it worthwhile. Check… Read more »

Smoky Cocktail Recipes

It just got a lot smokier. Not just because you’re smoking your favorite cigarette, but also because we have the perfect recipes for a smoky cocktail to set the mood with friends, your special someone, or just a solo drink when you need it. Check out these delicious recipes. Smoked Old-Fashioned Combine and stir the… Read more »

What Your Type of Cowboy Boots Say About You

A cowboy is many things – including stylish as all get out. The cowboy hat rested perfectly on top of their head, a nice button-up that shows that they are all about the business, a pair of sturdy jeans fitted perfectly along their waist with their favorite belt buckle, and top it all off with… Read more »

Hobbies Worth Trying

Some people don’t like to admit it, but 24 hours in a day is a long time. Especially when all you do is wake up, go to work, and go straight back home. There are still a few hours in the day where you could be doing something to keep yourself busy. Get some inspiration… Read more »

Ways to Convince Your Spouse to Get a Truck

Other than some of the obvious things, what’s your dream?! A truck, duh! That’s right, we know you. We know that if it was only up to you, you’d been driving a truck a long time ago. The little hitch though, convincing your lady. Yeah, yeah, we get it… happy wife, happy life am I,… Read more »